Temporary Task List

Make a list and start marking off items as done.

I use temporary task lists a lot. For example, when I'm going grocery shopping I write down a shopping list; once I'm done shopping I throw it out. When writing code I'll make a list of bugs/features to address and once the code is written I'm done with the list. Similarly, when I'm cleaning the house/office I make a list of things to clean then throw the list out when done. These are temporary task lists and, other than Now Do This, I haven't found anything that does the job well. I felt I could improve on Now Do This by making it work offline (pure HTML/JS) and accepting task lists via the URL so task lists could be save/shared. So, one day I hacked together this Temporary Tasks web app.

Access the temporary task list here.

Why is temporary task list hosted on risk-apps.com?

I wanted to offer ssl/https but didn't want to pay for a wildcard ssl certificate to cover both amorphousprojects.com and risk-apps.com.

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