Risk Manager

Quickly & easily analyze project or organizational risk

What Is It?

The Risk Manager web application allows users to enter details of risks for a specific project or broader organization (you may have as many projects or organizations as required). Those risk details include estimated frequency, severity, financial cost, and time cost. Once that data is entered a dashboard helps users analyze and prioritize risks by highlighting the worst risks (high frequency & high severity) or uncertain risks (large spread between best and worst case severity).

What Will It Do?

There is a great deal technology can do to make the collection & analysis of risk management data more intuitive and less time consuming. Risk-Apps.com intendeds to be a full suite of applications. In the short-term features for planning & budgeting risk management measures will be released, which would then allow users to identify risks that lack adequate management measures and the most cost effective measures to impliment.

Who is Risk-Aps.com, Amorphous Projects, and Simon Le Pine?

Simon Le Pine is the founder of Risk-Apps and is an insurance underwriter, a risk manager, knowledgable in information security, and working on an MBA & the CIP. He has been formulating ideas for 3 valuable risk management web applications for 10 years but has been challenged in delivering on those applications by a lack of time and the size & scope of the applications. More recently Simon wrote a web application for an internatoinal insurance company that manages new policy submissions and policy renewals. That application saves 100+ employee hours per month and prevents 2,000+ pages of printing. Occassionally Simon writes web applications that are not specific to risk management and those are hosted at amorphourpojects.com.

Note that while Simon Le Pine is employed in the insurance industry any opinions, ideas, or data presented here or on social media are his own and not in any way reflective of the opinion or data for his employer.

What Gauruntees Are There?

It's challenging for any organization, espeically large ones, to use small, free[mium] web apps. In an effort to satisfy the requirements of our target demographic, risk-apps.com makes the following commitment to users:


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Risk Manager